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Our job is to get student-athletes recruited and placed in college. We will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a college scholarship or a strong financial package to college.

To be considered for our Advisor Services, fill out the application below. Upon completion, we will review your application and determine if you are qualified to be an advisor services candidate. We will follow up within 24 hours to notify you of our decision. Please note, spots are limited each month and not all applicants will be accepted. Thank you for trusting CBB prospects with your recruiting process.

Offers Earned

Our Game Plan

Athletic Profile

Each student-athlete will receive an Athletic Profile. The Athletic Profile will highlight what the student-athlete can do athletically as well as academically. We will include a video and picture of the student-athlete in their athletic gear.


College List

We will help the student-athlete select the appropriate college programs to target. We do not chase college programs unnecessarily. Our goal is to try to find the right match, the perfect fit for the student-athlete.


Follow-up Process

We will continue to reach out to college programs on behalf of the student-athlete. We have a variety of methods that we use to reach college programs. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a full athletic scholarship or a strong financial package.



After you’ve made your financial commitment we will continue to work with you every step of the way. We don’t want you to make mistakes in the recruiting process and our job is to guide you step-by-step to ensure you are achieving maximum exposure.

Basketball Recruiting service | CBB Prospects


Video is a critical component in the overall recruiting process. Before a college program can recruit you they need to see you play. Get as much video as you can. Websites such as Huddle and YouTube are a great place to upload your video.

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Basketball Recruiting service | CBB Prospects

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my chances of getting a sports scholarship?

Strong, if you are between 14-24 years old, in school, or have been in the last two years, and have a clean record while competing at the highest level in your sport then you are well-positioned to earn a sports scholarship.

I have received camp/showcase invites, does that mean I am actively being recruited?

While getting invites can be exciting it does not mean that you are actively being recruited by that school. Athletes all over the country receive camp invites. In fact anyone in that schools database may receive an invite. Colleges get email addresses from a variety of sources and send camp/showcase invites to everyone on that list.

What is the best strategy in building a “team” of individuals who can assist my son/daughter best in being recruited?

Forming a trustworthy group of individuals who play specific roles during the recruiting cycle will increase your chances of reaching pre-set goals. By selecting the team approach, the responsibility in effectively executing your recruiting plan is equally distributed to the area experts.

What are verbal offers of athletic scholarships?

The recruiting landscape is very competitive in the college ranks and college coaches are under tremendous pressure to advance their programs to the highest level. The “verbal offer” of athletic scholarship is an effective, but “non-binding” tool college coaches use to help drive top prospects to their program early in the recruiting process. Every college coach has different needs and unique time tables they use when identifying and closing on scholarship offers. The rule of thumb is simple…The stronger the prospect, the earlier the verbal offer.

Is my information safe?

You control your account. Your information is only sent to colleges that you have chosen or agreed upon with Cbbprospects.com and is never sold to 3rd parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. If you have specific questions we did not address, or suggestions for improvements to our site or programs please contact us today!

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final. There is no returns or exchanges. We are 100 percent committed to helping our student athletes achieve their goals of playing college basketball.

What does a full-ride sports scholarship cover?

A ‘full’ or ‘100%’ scholarship covers the cost of tuition, room, board, books, and sports-related clothing & equipment.

When should I get started in my recruiting?

Having talent and ability is only the first indication of when to get started. An athlete dedicated to the process and completely committed to pursuing college academics and athletics is necessary for success. In some sports it is advantageous to get started in the 8th grade, but at CBB prospects , we are dialed in on the person first and our full evaluation will help determine readiness.